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Home Value: A home with attractive landscaping can sell for as much as 10% more than a similar home without landscaping. A quality hardscaping design can enhance the value of your home as it will add beauty, thought, and an impressive of longevity to an otherwise average yard. Even from a distance, a stone walk way or attractive retaining wall will add beauty. This is often referred to as curb appeal. Necessary Features: It may be necessary to have certain hardscape elements of your yard. At a bare minimum, you probably need a walkway to your front door, front door steps, and unless your ground is very flat, a retaining wall. Since you will have these hardscapes anyways, why not make them attractive. Enlarge Home: While this may seem a strange concept, a good hardscape design and actually extend the look of your home. By using patio’s, walls, fences, etc. in a clever design, a hardscape which is similar to the overall look of the house will actually make the home feel like it has an open air addition.

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Hardscaping adds character, function and beauty to your outdoor living space.