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Bowien's lawn service can enhance the look of your yard with regular maintenance for a beautiful looking lawn. The proper height adjustment based upon your type of grass, be it St Augustine, Centipede, Bermuda or any other type of lawn, along with irrigation, is key to the health of your lawn. In addition to mowing your lawn regularly, Bowien's also refines the look of your yard by edging around your property for a smooth neater look.  This includes your driveway, sidewalk and other areas around your lawn. Bowien's maintains the look of your bushes and shrubbery by providing trimming on a monthly basis, which will complement the look of your property. Bowien's can install sod and irrigation where you have bare patches or no grass at all.  The addition of mulch or stone in specific areas can complete the look of a picture perfect yard your neighbors will envy.


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